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Fake AMVETS Collection Please Read

It has come to our attention that someone in Franklin County is soliciting in the name of the AMVETS.  This person is altering/forging checks to amounts much greater than what was written.  The name he is using is Jemil Blanchard and he is stating that he is from AMVETS of Greenfield.  He is also using recipes from other local Posts.  The bank that he tried to cash the check in has contacted the local Police and they have opened an investigation into this.

Please be careful and be sure to show your membership card if you are out soliciting for your Post.

State Convention Reminders

Fellow AMVETS,

Convention Ads are coming in steadily, to date we have (5) out of 12 Dept Officers, (2) out of 5 Districts, (16) out of 39 Posts, (3) out of 16 Post Ladies Auxiliary, (1) out of 12 Squadron Sons of AMVETS and 11 Past Dept Commanders purchase ads. We are well ahead of the 18 March SEC deadline which allows us to start work on new ads for the June

Convention book.

On behalf of the Dept of MA Convention Corporation members a heartfelt thank you to each of you for your ad

donation and your continuing support of AMVETS Annual State Convention. 74th


Starts – Thursday


June 7th 2018

Ends –Sunday, June 10th 2018


Cut-Off Date 10 May 2018

Nightly Rate $95 + $11.12 Tax = $106.12

Check-In 4:00 p.m.

Check-Out 11:00 a.m.

AMVETS Room Representative: Jim Johnson (508).944.7006

NOTE: There have been changes to the hotel management since last years’ Convention. Therefore, even if you filled

out an AMVETS Advanced Room form when you checked out we strongly encourage you to call and double check on

your room assignment.

To ensure you have a current reservation, correct room rate, & assigned room number of your choice you must:

  1. Contact – Sturbridge Host Hotel & Conference Center|Phone:


  1. Inform Desk – You are with AMVETS and ask for Catherine “only”.
  2. If Catherine – is not available ask to be put thru to her voicemail, leave message stating you are w/AMVETS, your

name and contact number.

  1. If you do not follow these steps you will be quoted the Standard (i.e. not AMVETS) room rate.

Additionally, if you did not fill out an AMVETS Advanced Room form for 2018 Convention when you checked out last

year,hotel “WILL NOT” guarantee you will get the same room this year.


Buffet, Music, Dancing – Friday, June 8th

$30.00 p/p. To purchase contact Jay Casey 508-655-6985 and send check to

2 Terrane Ave, Natick MA 01760 or Don McLean (617) 943.4337.

State Commanders Banquet – Saturday, June 9th

$30.00 p/p. To purchase Contact Joe Dineen (617) 429.1801 or Lou Floriani (413) 664.4141

Tickets purchased after 18 Mar SEC are $35.00 p/p. All tickets must be purchased and cash must be in hand by Friday, May 25th




–1/3 page $35, 1/2 page $60, full page $100. Front & Back covers already sold.


– Email MS Word, MS Excel, Adobe PDF, or a scanned copy. If you are unable to provide any of the latter, send

a hard copy with your check. It’s your responsibility to ensure officers names are updated, and proper names and

words are correctly spelled.


SEC March 18


2018, if not rec’vd by then there is No Guarantee your ad will make the book printing.

Please e-mail your ad to

. Mail your check made out to AMVETS MA Convention Corp.

to Stephen Garner, 42 Spectacle Hill Road, Bolton MA. 01740-1408. Phone (978) 618.1883.



Four pin designs for the 2018 Convention were received by President Charlie Studebaker this year. One was selected

by the Convention Corp Committee at the 15 Feb. meeting, and it was sent to the ad book designer to incorporate into the front cover on 18 Feb.


Ride 22 Victory For Veterans and AMVETS event (Programs Committee Edition)

Afternoon AMVETS,

I want to thank you for taking the time to meet with us about this event. below you will find the letter that initially sent out to the Department Commanders throughout the country. It gives you the information needed to learn about what is taking place initially with event. This can happen in your own state, read below:

Department Commanders,


I hope this email finds you well. I would like to begin by congratulating each and every one of you to your appointment as Department Commander. I know that you will do well in serving the community and your fellow veterans. This email is being sent to you for I believe that it is one of the many ways we as members of AMVETS can continue to help our fellow veterans. Below you will find information on the fundraising event that takes place called “Ride 22.”


AMVETS Post #12 DC has partnered with the Victory For Veterans Foundation to help launch Ride 22 for 2018. This is a partnership that we at Post #12 felt that would be beneficial to all veterans, but we also know that it is not possible without the help from National Headquarters, Departments, and Posts. Ride 22 is about “Serving Veterans in Need, “ but in order for it to take place you must understand what the Victory For Veterans Foundation and “Ride 22” is all about.


Victory For Veterans raises funds in order to help organizations that help veterans. This is done by fundraising and with the most successful fundraising event thus far being “Ride 22” event where riders from across the country get together and raise funds to help veterans and that is by trying to work on having:





You see the mission of Victory For Veterans is serve veterans in need. As you read above their vision is trying to make it “ABSOLUTE ZERO.” So in saying that those that are members of Victory For Veterans ride every year to bring awareness to the 22 lives that are lost everyday since the last ride.


Ladies and gentlemen, this is not a sales pitch, not at all, but what is available is an opportunity for each Department and Post to build on its own fundraising efforts. So, on June 30, 2018, begins the ride to fight against suicide. Each state gets the opportunity to have its own 150-mile ride for suicide prevention, but the work begins now. There is a lot of work that goes into this and we at AMVETS Post #12 DC are already in the know on how to do this and get it done. For it is not just a 150-mile ride, but there is a need for volunteers, Road Captains, local business to be involved, entertainment for the riders, getting the word out and more. This is why we are starting now by sending this email out to you so that you can let your officers know at your next DEC meeting. Attached is a flyer that gives you an idea of what you have read, but more information will be made available if you are interested. For DC this will be a huge event and I believe that for your state it can be one that will be remembered always every year.


If you have any questions please feel to contact:

Founder/CEO: Steve Durgin;

Commander Herrera:

1st Vice Commander Thomas:

Post #12 DC Links


Facebook event URL:


Twitter event URL:


Instagram event URL:

Link to Ride 22 registration:


Thank you for joining us on this historic RIDE all across the great USA!


“They fought for our freedom, let’s fight for theirs!”




Orlando S. Herrera, Jr., MSA, CPS


AMVETS Post #12 DC

455 Massachusetts Ave. NW, #354

Washington, DC 20001

202-630-0747 (Office)

646-331-5700 (Cell)


“Helping Veterans That Have Served”

Testimonial Info

AMVETS Department of MA Joint Testimonial Dean Thayer State Commander Judy Dascoli State President David Prescott Sons Commander APRIL 28,2018 at 6:00 P.M. AMVETS Post 147 Haverhill, MA AMVETS Joint Testimonial Tickets For tickets see or call Gerry or Juanita Marchand Juanita :603-560-3176 Gerry: 603-944-2059 Tickets are $30.00 Per person!

Massachusetts 2018 Convention Information

STATE ADJUTANT – STEPHEN J. GARNER My Fellow AMVETS,   As we approach Christmas and the start of 2018 it’s time to start thinking about our 74th Annual Convention.  Please note there have been changes made and updates to the Convention information that was put out in Sept. & Nov. On behalf of Dept of […]

A Message From the Department

The Department of Massachusetts would like to take this time to wish Everyone  A Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year. If you are driving this holiday season please drive and be safe as you travel the roads. Leon Proctor