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School Supplies

Good afternoon, Major General Sir, hope you are well. I am at HQ just delivered first batch of MANY boxes of donated goods for the 3rd Annual Back to School Brigade.  As instructed, the boxes are in the secure office.  I spoke with Ron Franks who states he can take care of the initial sorting and […]

12th Annual 9/11 Tribute Dinner

  Calling all present and past service members… All present and past military service members and families are cordially invited to a special tribute dinner to recognize your sacrifices and to honor and remember the heroes and victims of 9/11/01.  This non-political free dinner is our gift to you.  Merely our way to say THANK YOU for […]

Presenting The Colors: Tuesday, July 10th – 7:10pm

Hi Wayne, Thank you for reaching out and confirming the Amvets Honor Guard to present the colors for the Tuesday, July 10th game against the Texas Rangers.  We would like for your group to arrive to Gate E, at 5:45pm to ensure that you go through our security protocol.  A Fenway Ambassador will meet you at Gate E, […]

Circular 26-18-6, Loans for Alteration and Repair; Circular 26-18-7, Construction/Permanent Home Loans

Greetings, The purpose of this communication is to inform you that Circular 26-18-6, Loans for Alteration and Repair, and Circular 26-18-7, Construction/Permanent Home Loans, have been published. The purpose of Circular 26-18-6, Loans for Alteration and Repair, is to replace Chapter 7, Topic 4,Loans for Alteration and Repair, in the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Pamphlet 26-7,Lender’s Handbook. The purpose of Circular 26-18-7, Construction/Permanent Home […]

Fake AMVETS Collection Please Read

It has come to our attention that someone in Franklin County is soliciting in the name of the AMVETS.  This person is altering/forging checks to amounts much greater than what was written.  The name he is using is Jemil Blanchard and he is stating that he is from AMVETS of Greenfield.  He is also using […]

Four Chaplains Sacrificed Their Lives 75 Years Ago

George L. Fox, Alexander D. Goode  Clark V. Poling, John P. Washington A legend was born on February 3,1943,when the SS Dorchester. a merchant ship pressed into service as an Army transport vessel was hit by a German torpedo off the coast of Greenland. Of the 904 soldiers and crewman on board 675 died, including Army Chaplain Lt. […]

Forever GI Bill Hearing

Dear Fellow Veterans and Colleagues,   We’ve already been telling you about what we’ve done so far to implement the Colmery Act/Forever GI Bill, but now it’s time for Congress to know. On Tuesday, December 12 at 2:00pm ET, Mr. Robert Worley II, Director of Education Service, will testify before the House Veterans Affairs Committee […]