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Support the Violence Against Women Veterans Act

In a letter of support sent to Representative Nydia Velazquez, AMVETS made it strongly clear that we support the enactment of H.R. 6869, the Violence Against Women Veterans Act. We believe passage of this law will address the longstanding problem of domestic violence among veterans who deserve our best efforts to ensure they have viable options when faced with an unsafe living situation. The law calls for, among other provisions, better integration of the medical, housing, mental health, and other benefits provided by the Department of Veterans Affairs with existing community-based domestic violence and sexual assault services.

Please take a moment to send an email to your Congressional Representative to ask them to co-sponsor this important piece of legislation, or to thank them if they already have. Once you enter your address, you will automatically be shown the appropriate pre-written message based on whether or not they are a current co-sponsor.

Thank you, as always, for your support of veterans.

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Disabled Vets Space “A” Update 02 ► 100% Disabled Vets Now Authorized



Disabled Vets Space “A” Update 02 ► 100% Disabled Vets Now Authorized 

When President Trump signed into law the new National Defense Authorization Act, disabled veterans were granted a huge travel perk that has virtually gone unnoticed. Not only will the new perk save veterans thousands of dollars, but it will increase morale, esprit de corps, and open the door for many veterans to connect with the military again in ways they can only image. One veteran said, “I’m shocked! I can’t believe the military has opened this door to us.”

Under the new Disabled Veterans Access to Space-A Travel Act, veterans with a service-connected, permanent disability rating of 100% can hop on any scheduled or unscheduled military flight within the continental United States (and scheduled overseas flights) operated by Air Mobility Command (AMC).

The new Act would authorize veterans who have a service-connected, and permanent disability rated as 100 percent to travel on Space-A at no additional cost to the Department of Defense (DoD) and without aircraft modifications, according to military officials. Clarification on whether or not required caregiver accompaniment is authorized has not yet been promulgated. This is a huge benefit to disabled veterans who travel on aircraft. Many veterans find airports unaccommodating, and difficult to get around. Flying from military terminals are much less congested, and will probably be more suitable for disabled veterans.

To sign up for Space A Travel complete AMC Form 140, Space Available Travel Request ( form and e-mail it to your desired AMC Passenger Terminal. Info you need to complete the form includes:

· Email address

· Personal information (Rank/Grade, First Middle Last Name)

· Service Branch (AF, Army, Marines, Navy, CG)

· Status (Active, Guard, Reserve, Retired, Disabled Veteran, etc.)

· Other Travelers (dependents names)

· Total number of seats required

· Travel status (See Travel Eligibility-Category I-VI). The form has not yet been modified to reflect 100% disability eligibility. In the interim suggest use Category VI until otherwise advised.

· Overseas Travel Ready Status (Have Required Passports/Visas etc.)

· 5-Destinations (Sign-up for up to 5 Destinations e.g. Germany, USA, Japan, Alaska, or Hawaii)

Note: Do Not Provide Personally Identifiable Information (PII) such as Social Security Numbers (SSNs)

[Source: USVCP | August 15, 2018 ++]

AMVETS -IRS requirements

IRS is requiring DD214’s




This is the link to the complete IRS Examining Process for Veterans Organizations.




The excerpt below gives inspectors the option of reviewing DD214s.


 (01-27-2011) Field Examination Guidelines


Review the following to determine the composition of membership of the organization:

Articles of incorporation, charter, bylaws, and meeting minutes,

Membership applications, DD Forms 214, or other discharge documents,

Membership cards and master member lists if they designate status as veteran, non-veteran, auxiliary, or other membership class, and

The dues structure for the classes of membership.




The organization must maintain members’ military service dates to establish that contributions to the organization are deductible, if a war veterans’ organization under IRC §170(c)(3).


American Legion Post 447 in Round Rock, Texas, was fined $12,000 for lack of compliance before rounding up the necessary official documents (DD 214’s) to satisfy inspectors.




As we look into where and when the IRS mandate was created we suggest you hedge you bets and come into compliance. If an inspector came to your post and wanted to see your members DD 214’s how long it would take to produce them? It took the legion 12 days at $1,000 dollars a day.




The Committee on Veterans’ Affairs asked Daniel Werfel, Acting IRS Commissioner for clarification in writing “regarding this serious and troubling change in IRS policy” on 29 August 2013. September 3 was the deadline for the IRS to respond with “complete written justification for requiring veterans organizations’ to provide these materials.” The IRS missed the deadline.




With that said ask your members to find their DD 214s. If it blows over, shred the documents if it doesn’t, you will be ready for the knock at your door. If a member cant find his DD 214 he can request one at this site.






If the archives says they had a fire or the dog ate it keep the letter for the IRS. Keep DD 214’s under lock!


IRS Audit