Cape Cod Veterans

Again the Cape Cod Veterans Association has shown there  help to there fellow Veterans; Is it not up to the other Veteran Org to show there love to there fellow Veterans ?

President, Richard Sayers wishes thanks to all members willing to donate for new A/C units, but we have several in our storage unit. The Veteran, on oxygen and wife have been suffering in this heat.  Chaplain Harry Watling notified staff yesterday, but the couple was out, so we will be there at 1:30 today.  Dave Pelltier continues to mow the lawn, of the 93 year old Vet in Hyannis. We will build a hand rail on his back step, as soon as we can. Remember our monthly meetings move to The Claddagh Inn starting Sept. 6th at 6 PM. We need members to go to businesses, to ask for donations (Raffle items). At the meeting we will have packets with requests, to hand out. CCVI has 5 events in the fall and we need items, for these events. Last year CCVI collected over 200 items/gift cards, and this sustained the organization through the year up till now. Staff will take a trip to Joint Base Cape Cod to visit the Base Chapalin’s Pantry and see their needs. Terry Clen, CCVI Executive Director, and Leader of Wounded Warfighters Group donated $1,000 to Freedom Rows to assist them with boat repairs. CCVI has pledged an additional $1,000 if needed. Numerous donations, have been sent over the past months, to needy Veterans and Veterans causes.  Our next event is Sand Dollars For Soldiers, Sept 10, 2016, 2-6 PM at the Sand Dollar Bar and Grill. Elections will be discussed at the Sept. meeting.