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As the American made movement continues to sweep the country and strengthen its popularity, we, as a country, have been able to recognize several of its benefits.  The demand of American made products continues to grow, increasing the number of new companies making American made goods.  We’ve also seen some large companies bring back some of their product lines, offering a ‘made in America’ choice to their consumers.  One of the greatest benefits of this movement is that it doesn’t require government regulation in order to create jobs for the American worker.  By purchasing American made goods, we naturally create American jobs as a byproduct.  And, creating jobs through our own personal spending is truly non-partisan.  Buy American, support America.

Each month, adds new companies to provide new product options.  Check back frequently to enjoy new American made product options

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American Made Directory Updates
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Awareness of Made in the USA is trending right now for good reason. In the months to come many more companies making goods and products in America are being vetted for inclusion the the directory. Here are the categories updated in the last month.
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