Latest Digital Magazine – Women in the Armed Forces: A Century of Service

Women in the Armed Forces: Century of Service

Women in the Armed Forces: A Century of Service captures the history of 100 years of women in the military, both formally and informally, dating back to the American Revolution.

In its recounting of people and events, Women in the Armed Forces describes how women sought to serve from the earliest days of the republic, and celebrates their service, sacrifices and accomplishments in breaking barriers and proving their worthiness on the front lines and in command. From their days of primarily working in administrative support and nursing duties, women have expanded their roles to commanding troops on the ground, in the air, and on the seas and from the highest offices to serving in military service occupations that were once off limits to females.

For 100 years, women have met the call of duty and exceeded expectations, and will continue to do so for the next hundred years.

To learn more about the amazing history of women in our nation’s armed forces, please open our online digital edition of Women in the Armed Forces: A Century of Service. The online publication is best viewed on desktop, laptop, and tablet devices.


Presenting The Colors: Tuesday, July 10th – 7:10pm

Hi Wayne,

Thank you for reaching out and confirming the Amvets Honor Guard to present the colors for the Tuesday, July 10th game against the Texas Rangers.  We would like for your group to arrive to Gate E, at 5:45pm to ensure that you go through our security protocol.  A Fenway Ambassador will meet you at Gate E, at 6:00pm.  You will be allowed to have a maximum of 8ppl in your honor guard.  Please be sure to bring anAmerican flag with you.  Parking will not be provided but I would recommend parking in the Ipswich Street Garage or the Brookline Lot as it is adjacent to your meeting location.  Tickets will not be given for the game but you and your group will be permitted to stay and watch the game from a standing room capacity.

Please forward me the proper introductory name for your color/honor guard.



Jae Holland

The Boston Red Sox

Fenway Park – 4 Jersey Street, Boston, MA 02215

Manager – Fan Services & Entertainment

Fan Services Direct Line: 617-226-6831

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