VFW Action Corps Weekly, June 22, 2018

June 22, 2018   In This Issue: 1. Desert Storm Memorial Site Picked 2. DHA Executive Council Meeting 3. Senate Defense Authorization Bill Would Increase TRICARE Fees 4. Hearing on VA Staffing Shortages 5. Hearing on Military Health System Reform 6. VA Releases Report on Veteran Suicides 7. DHA PTSD Care Webinar 8. VFW Convention […]

Veterans-For-Change NEWSLETTER

Week Ending Sunday, June 24, 2018 Volume 9, Issue 25 This-N-That Over the past month or so we have been investigating and digging deeper into Autism and the military and although most of the information we’re finding is anecdotal at best what we have learned is that the “spectrum” defining high and low functioning people […]

AMVETS National Newsletter

JOIN DONATE RENEW President Trump has signed the VA Mission Act into law. Take our 1 QUESTION survey ahead of AMVETS’ town Hall in July! SHARE YOUR ANSWER AVP – Amanda Burrill Today’s AVP topics include: – Robert Wilkie’s Confirmation Hearing   – Signing of the VA Mission Act   – Anti-malaria drug that could […]


RED ALERT CORRECTED The Vietnam Blue Water Navy Bill HR 299 goes to the floor for comment and vote on Monday, June 25th and we need everyone to call their Reps in DC and kindly ask them to Vote YES on the bill. You do not have to be a Veteran to call, we’re asking […]

Changes in Marital Status, Changes in TRICARE Coverage

FALLS CHURCH, Va. — Did you get married or divorced recently? If so, you’ve experienced a TRICARE Qualifying Life Event (QLE). With TRICARE, QLEs are certain life changes, like moving, getting married or divorced, becoming Medicare-eligible, and more. These changes may trigger a change in your TRICARE eligibility and options. A QLE for one family member creates […]

6/20/2018 Washington Update

June 20, 2018     Inside this issue TREA: The Enlisted Association’s Washington Update • Senate Passes FY 2019 National Defense Authorization Act • VA IG in Fight With VA Leadership Over Whistleblower Records • TREA Urges Support for ‘Complete the MISSION’ Amendment • Burn Pits Get a Hearing in Congress • Want to Put Your Uniform Back On? This May […]

This Saturday – Thanks To Yanks Welcome Summer Family BBQ

Thanks To Yanks presents Welcome Summer Family BBQ Saturday, June 23rd, 2018 from 12:30pm – 4:30 p.m. American Legion Fairmount Post 85, 870 River Street, Woonsocket, RI $5.00 per person OR bring an item for our deployed troops care packages such as: (protein bars, beef jerky, new/current magazines, 2-ply toilet paper, sunscreen or shaving cream (non-aerosol), or […]