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These are some of the events we are looking at doing so that we can have 2 events to submit to National for entry into the Special Olympics so that we are eligible for money at the National Level. Give the Special Olympics committee some feedback so that we can make a decision on which one we want to do for the coming year     Leon

Hi Leon!

I wanted to send along some of the additional fundraiser ideas we had talked about at this week’s meeting. Attached is a Tip-a-Cop (TAC) handbook. Inside, it explains what a TAC is, how to contact a restaurant, a planning guide, and how it can be successful to you. I am happy to help you set this up, if this is the second fundraising option you choose to go with.

A second idea was the penny drive. This can be customized as you like, but could be good to work with Natick High or Dover-Sherborn since they are already associated with SOMA and the plunge. As we discussed, the way this works is that each grade puts penny’s into their respective buckets, and dimes and quarters or whatever in other grade’s to offset their amount. Then, whoever wins gets a pizza party, ice cream party, etc. Easy to do!

Lastly, Steph wanted me to bring up icon sales. For this, you would find a grocery store, bar, or a restaurant to sell LETR Icons to raise money. People will choose to donate however much they want and have their name written on the icon to show that they support Special Olympics. This can be paired with a TAC (like if you do a tip-a-cop and icon sales at the same restaurant), or done on its own. It will take the pressure off of you guys to raise the money because this is predominantly the store asking customers to donate. The handbook on this is also attached.

And as for the meeting:

·         Working on creating a team with FedEx and will look into more corporate companies

·         Will be sending out donor letter to sports teams soon

·         Look into putting a donation canister at the AMVETs post in Natick with the flyer

·         Breakfast and chicken soup is all set

·         Will have the upstairs area, will need to figure out bartender situation

·         I will look into finding the total raised over all SOMA plunges in Natick

·         You guys are checking on chicken shirts

I have more stuff to send you, but will send this in another email because it’s a lot of information!!

Let me know if you have any questions!


Meghan O’Neil
Fundraising and Events Coordinator
Special Olympics Massachusetts
512 Forest Street
Marlborough, MA 01752 USA
Tel: 508-485-0986 x258
Twitter: @SpOlympicsMA | @massLETR
Instagram: @specialolympicsma
Facebook: /SpecialOlympicsMassachusetts | /LETRMA
Celebrating 50 years of the Special Olympics Movement

RAO BULLETIN 1 OCT 2018 Availability Notice (Veteran News)



1 October 2018


HTML/PDF Editions





Pg                   Article                                                Subject

.                                                   * DOD *                                                   .

04 == Space Force [03] —- (Air Force Secretary Comments on Pentagon Blueprint)

05 == Army Recruiting [09] —- (Medical and Behavioral Issues | A Second Look)

06 == Defense Appropriations Bill 2019 [01] —- (Passed | Trump Signed 28 SEP)

07 == MCAS Futenma Okinawa [12] —- (Dugong Ruling Appealed

08 == Transgender Lawsuits [10] —- (Trump Asks Supreme Court to Intervene)

09 == Military Amputees —- (Options for Continued Military Service)

09 == DoD/VA VLER [14] —- (GAO Anticipates IPO Dysfunction Dealing with EHR

10 == DoD Fraud, Waste, & Abuse —- (Reported 16 thru 30 SEP 2018)

14 == POW/MIA [114] —- (North Korean MIA Recovery Talks Continue)

14 == POW/MIA [115] —- (The Science behind North Korea War Remains)

16 == POW/MIA [116] —- (Four POWs Share Their Story)

19 == POW/MIA Recoveries —- (Reported 16 thru 30 SEP 2018 | 29)

.                                                     * VA *                                                   .

22 == VA Appeals [32] —- (2018 Goal of 81,000 Decisions Exceeded)

23 == VA Aid & Attendance [21] —- (Changes to Eligibility Requirements)

24 == VA Suicide Prevention [51] —- (Veteran Suicide Data from 2005 to 2016)

25 == Traumatic Brain Injury [70] —- (CHAMP | Headache Treatment)

26 == VA Hospital Quality of Care [05] —- (Five Improved & One Got Worse)

26 == VA Vet Choice [83] —- (Surgery Authorization 6-Week Goal)

27 == GI Bill [262] —- (VA Having Problems Implementing Forever GI Bill)

28 == VA Blue Water Claims [52] —- (Former VA Secretaries Opinions on Extending Benefits)

29 == VA Lawsuit | Victor Skaar —- (Benefit Denial | Palomares H Bomb Radiation Exposure)

30 == VA Fraud, Waste & Abuse —- (Reported 16 thru 30 Sep 2018)

32 == VAMC Las Vegas [03] —- (Exemplifies What VA Will Become)

33 == VAMC Minneapolis [11] —- (Five Doctors Out Over MiMedx Improprieties)

34 == VAMC Manchester NH [08] —- (Substandard Care Complaints Invalidated)

35 == VAMC Houston TX [04] —- (Marriage & Family Therapists Now Available)

.                                                   * VETS *                                                 .

36 == Vietnam Veterans Memorial [23] —- (Wall Education Center Plans Scrapped)

37 == Vet Funeral Benefits [01] —- (Vet’s Garage Sale Results in Covering His Cost)

38 == Obit: Annie Fox —- (20 JAN 1987 | First Woman to Earn Purple Heart)

39 == Vet Hiring Fairs —- (Scheduled As of 30 SEP 2018)

39 == Military Retirees & Veterans Events Schedule —- (As of 3015 SEP 2018)

40 == State Veteran’s Benefit —- (California 2018)

.                                       * VET LEGISLATION *                                .

40 == Veterans Justice Outreach Program —- (H.R.2147/S.946 | Signed Into Law)

41 == Medication Obtainment —- (S.2554/HR.6143 | Patient Right to Know Drug Prices Act)

42 == VA Blue Water Claims [51] —- (H.R.299 Stalled in the Senate – Take Action)

.                                               * MILITARY*                                          .

42 == Navy PCS Moves —- (New Policy for When Family Members Can Move)

43 == Air Force Retention Bonus —- (Program Expansion)

44 == USMC Plate Carrier —- (Contract Awarded for New Lighter and Better Fitting Vest)

44 == Navy Deploy-Or-Out Policy [01] —- (Another Involuntary Separation Warning)

45 == Military Grooming Standards [02] —- (NAVADMIN Update 21 SEP 2018)

46 == Adjustable Bomb Yields —- (USAF Wants Conventional Bombs to Have “Dial A Yield”)

47 == USAF Helicopters —- (MH-139 to Replace Huey UN-1N)

48 == Army Manning Levels [02] —- (Supposed to be Growing, but This Year, it Didn’t at All)

50 == Navy Amphibs —- (Congress Want to Build More)

51 == USS Pueblo [05] —- (Crewmembers | Bring Our Warship Home)

53 == USS Enterprise (CVN-65) [04] —- (Disposal Issues)

53 == USS Sturgis (MH-1A) —- (Nuclear Reactor Deactivated)

54 == Navy Cruisers [01] —- (Larger Surface Ships Will Replace Aging Cruisers)

55 == USAF Warrant Officer Program [01] —- (Thanks but No Thanks)

56 == Navy Terminology [03] —- (Origins)

57 == Warships That Will Change the Future —- (USS Anchorage (LPD-23)


.                                     * MILITARY HISTORY *                               .

58 == Saving Boxer 22 —- (Biggest Air Rescue Mission of the Vietnam War)

58 == WWI Meuse-Argonne Offensive —- (100th Anniversary)

59 == Post WWII Photos —- (Once a Japanese Home in Yokohama)

60 == Military History Anniversaries —- (01 thru 15 OCT)

60 == WWII Bomber Nose Art [15] —- (D-Day Doll)

60 == Medal of Honor Citations —- (Lewis Hall | WWII)

.                                           * HEALTH CARE *                                    .

61 == Suicide Prevention —- (Together We Can Prevent It)

63 == Aspirin —- (ASPREE Trial | One A Day Does Not Prolong Life)

64 == Medicare Fraud —- (New Card w/New Number Being Issued)

65 == Smoking [04] —- (Electronic Smoking Devices Labeled ‘Healthy’ can be Misleading)

66 == Drug Price Gouging [06] —- (Customers Overpay on a Quarter of All Prescriptions)

67 == Flu Shots [11] —- (Free for VA Enrolled Vets | Available Now)

68 == TRICARE Webiner —- (Ask TRICARE 11 OCT @ 1400 EST about FEDVIP)

69 == TRICARE Dental Program [18] —- (Plan Cost Comparisons)

70 == TRICARE Access to Care [01] —- (New Rule Added on Plan Changes)

70 == TRICARE Provider Oversight —- (GAO Report on Civilian Providers)

71 == TRICARE Enrollment Fees —- (TRR & TRS 2019 Changes)

72 == TRICARE Podcast 467 —- (College Students | FEDVIP Webinar | Natural Disaster Preparation)

73 == TRICARE Podcast 468 —- (Childhood Obesity | Valsartan Recall | TRICARE Web Tools)

75 == TRICARE Podcast 469 —- (Flu Prevention – HIPAA – Suicide Prevention Awareness Month)

.                                               * FINANCES *                                         .

76 == Military Death Gratuity [06] —- (Government Shutdown Will Not Stop Payment)

77 == SCRA [09] —- (Northwest Trustee Services | 28 Unlawful Foreclosures)

78 == SCRA [10] —- (United Communities, LLC | Collected 13 Unlawful Termination Fees)

79 == Credit Freezes [01] —- (Freeze/ Unfreeze Your Credit File For Free)

79 == Money Moves [02] —- (7 Dumb Ones That Seem Smart)

80 == Home Buying [01] —- (17 Places You Can Buy On A Modest Income)

81 == Drug Price Gouging [05] —- (Immoral Drug Company Hikes)

83 == Hurricane Relief Scam —- (Donating | Support an Experienced Charity)

83 == Dwayne Johnson Facebook Scam —- (Fan’s Targeted)

84 == Bank Alert Scams —- (Phony Text Messages)

85 == Tax Burden for Kentucky Retired Vets —- (As of SEP 2018)

.                                    * GENERAL INTEREST *                               .

  86 == Notes of Interest —- (16 thru 30 SEP 2018)

  88 == Iran Oil —- (U.S. Sanctions | Oil Tankers Disappearing)

  89 == Deep Sea Drilling Project —- (What Has Been Found Over 50 Years of Drilling)

  90 == Trump Foreign Policy [01] —- (Iran Nuclear Accord)

  92 == Wavefront Shearing Interferometry —- (Seeing Around Corners | DARPA Project)

  93 == Micro-Nuclear Reactor —- (Tiny, Steel-Encased Core Regulated by Physics, Not Pumps)

  94 == Border Wall [05] —- (Trump Renews Calls to Congress for Funding)

  95 == SS Warrimoo —- (Great Sea Story)

  97 == North Korea Sanctions —- (US & Russia Face Off at U.N. Security Council)

  98 == DPRK Nuclear Weapons [23] —- (Inspections Agreed to in Bid to Salvage Nuclear Talks)

  99 == SpaceX —- (Ultimate Goal of Enabling People to Live on Other Planets)

  99 == Hurricane FAQ’s —- (Can’t We Use Nukes?)

  99 == Insurance Coverage [02] —- (Things You May Not Know)

101 == Interesting Photos —- (Iraq, 2018)

102 == One Word Essays —- (Honor)

103 == Have You Heard? —- (Gasoline Prices | Questions #3 | Ever Wonder | Policeman’s Helper)

104 == Memories —- (At the Beach 1922)


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.                                        * ATTACHMENTS *                                         .

Attachment – California Vet State Benefits SEP 2018

Attachment – Military History Anniversaries 01 thru 15 OCT

Attachment – Saving Boxer 22






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