Henry Baggs

Hello everyone.  Friday night during half time Former AMVETS  Department Of Massachusetts Commander, Hank Baggs, will be honored by the Boston Celtics as their choice for the “Hero Among Us” award.  This came about through the efforts of Jean Mallon, Director, USO New England and their trust in me to come up with a recommendation for this honor.    Hank has been an asset to our Department for decades.  Department  Commander, National District One Commander,  many many other titles that he has held honorably.  The saddest part of the years passing us by is that so many of you have not had the pleasure of knowing this wonderful person and of course his equally wonderful Wife, Past Department Ladies Auxiliary President, Peggy who is deceased.

     I am so happy for this friend of mine.  Please take a look at the link below to learn more about this Boston Celtic program.   Thank you,
  Al Temple,  Former AMVETS Department of Massachusetts Commander

Al  Temple

Friday night Henry will be honored by the Celtics Organization for one of their “Hero Among Us” community awards. Here is a link to their site which explains the program. https://www.nba.com/celtics/video/originals/feature-heroes-among-us-ceremony-082015


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Week Ending Sunday, November 11, 2018

Volume 9, Issue 44



Saturday the Marine Corps celebrates their 243rd Birthday! Oorah!

The United States Marine Corps Birthday is celebrated every year on 10 November with a traditional ball and cake-cutting ceremony. On that day in 1775, the Continental Marines were established.

Sunday is Veterans Day and we’d like to wish all our Veterans a good day, and from the bottom of our hearts we thank you so much for your service to our Country!

Veterans Day is an official United States public holiday, observed annually on November 11, that honors military Veterans; that is, persons who served in the United States Armed Forces.

As usual the VA is once again touting unsubstantiated number when it comes to our homeless Veterans.

It’s a difficult task at best to quote accurate numbers, not to mention staying in constant communication with the various Health and Human Services agencies nationwide, but all the private organizations as well to track the number of homeless Veterans.

It takes roughly two of our volunteers, eight hours each to make all those call monthly to get as close to a count as we can, but all told the average number of homeless Veterans still hovers around 1.2 million.

Yet not long ago the VA was touting 40,000 until this month they’re declaring a reduction of approximately 5% down to 37,900. That number alone barely covers California alone. And we still see no progress at the West LA Medical Facility campus as was promised more than two years ago, and by court order even longer ago.

In most cases here in California only a few cities that claim zero homeless Veterans, and one, specifically Orange County claims that only because they’ve chased them all out, they’ve NOT resolved the problem, they only made it another cities problem.

In Riverside County though they have actually taken action and last year managed to after hundreds of hours of hard work, a couple of million dollars really did resolve the problem, create programs to keep it at zero!

This time of year is particularly difficult with the cold weather and snow coming in and what shelters there are with the limited number of beds and this is a nationwide problem we’d like to remind you that organizations all across the country will be struggling to handle the problem.

If you have gently used clothing, boxed, canned, vacuum sealed foods that are non-perishable to donate to any local shelter or to the DAV. Even household goods can be donated to the DAV which can be provided to Veterans and families having a hard time, or be sold to raise funds to provide for homeless Veterans.

Please keep our homeless Veterans in your minds and hearts!

This is also the time of year we truly need to be mindful of all our single Veterans. This time of year can be very depressing especially being alone.

Check in on your buddies, make them a part of your family! And if you know of no one in your area who is a single Veteran, and if you live nearby any military base, contact them, and invite a few of the soldiers to dinner for Thanksgiving or Christmas, even both. There are many who won’t be able to go home for the holidays, or have no family to be with.

On behalf of our Volunteers nationwide and myself, we wish you and your family good health!

Jim Davis


VA celebrates National Family Caregivers Month

WASHINGTON — The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is commemorating National Family Caregivers Month this November by honoring the service of 5.5 million family members and friends who have dedicated their lives to providing much-needed care for chronically ill, injured or disabled Veterans.

“Caregivers make tremendous sacrifices to address the daily needs of Veterans who served our nation,” said VA Secretary Robert Wilkie. “These mothers, wives, fathers, husbands and other loved ones deserve our recognition and support for all they do to care for Veterans.”

Caregivers provide a valuable service to Veterans by assisting them beyond the walls of VA medical facilities with much-needed support, such as accessing the health care system, providing emotional and physical support and enabling many injured Veterans to stay in their homes, rather than living their lives in an institutional setting.

The recent passage of the VA MISSION Act of 2018 will expand eligibility for VA’s Program of Comprehensive Assistance for Family Caregivers to Veterans of all eras of service — fulfilling President Trump’s commitment to help Veterans and their families live healthy and fulfilling lives.

The expansion will occur in two phases, starting with eligible Veterans who incurred or aggravated a serious injury in the line of duty on or before May 7, 1975, with further expansion to follow.

Currently, VA is developing an implementation plan for the MISSION Act and encourages all caregivers and Veterans to learn about the Program of Comprehensive Assistance for Family Caregivers, as well as the many additional resources already available to all caregivers by visiting http://www.caregiver.va.gov or by calling the Caregiver Support Line toll free at 855-260-3274.


Commemorating Veterans Day: Event Listings, Special Features and More

Join Military.com as we commemorate Veterans Day on November 11, with a full list of discounts available for veterans their families, a rundown of major events, and other special features. Visit the Veterans Day page for more.

Remember Those who Served

5 Things Military Families Must Know About Tricare’s New Open Enrollment

For the first time ever, Tricare will host an open enrollment period next month for military families and retirees who want to change their coverage plans. Currently, changing between Tricare Prime and Tricare Select, previously known as Tricare Standard, is easy and typically not time sensitive for active-duty families and retirees. Starting Jan. 1, however, the ability to switch back and forth at will is going away. Here’s what you need to know.


VA Amends Pension and DIC Regulations

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) recently amended its regulations governing entitlements to VA pension and Parents’ Dependency and Indemnity Compensation, which are need-based programs. The new pension regulations cover the following: (1) establish a clear net-worth limit for income and assets for veterans to qualify for pension; (2) establish a 36-month look-back period to review asset transfers at less than fair market value; (3) establish up to a five-year penalty period; and (4) update medical expense definitions. The changes are intended to ensure VA only pays benefits to those veterans with a genuine need. For more information see this article.

VFC Website-002

The Veterans-For-Change website has been under construction since day one back in 2009 and every day since then. The looks pretty much stay the same, but in the background constant improvement and change is being done to make our website the most user friendly “One-Stop-Shop” website to find almost everything you might have tried to find searching the internet.

Almost a hundred people have been involved; collecting web links to documents now houses on the VFC website, collecting thousands of web links for various issues, illnesses and benefits. Creating forums for all eras of service and two forums one just for men and one just for woman where you can go question, comment, share medical and personal concerns, what ever you’d like it to be.

We also have a forum with for Mental Health and are currently seeking a new Licensed Mental Health Worker, where you can seek help or just ask questions.

We average 2,170 hits per day, and downloads average 1,797 per day with a total 4,493,845visitors as of Friday.

If you subscribe you will have full access to the entire website and best of all it’s FREE of charge! You just need a valid E-mail address so the system can send you a confirmation E-Mail. Once received, click on the link to be authorized automatically.


• Documents Library with over 16,729documents on-line (Updated: 10/30/18)
• FAQ’s with more than 1,600 FAQ’s and answers
• Multiple Forums
o Afghanistan Veterans
o FMP – Foreign Medial Program
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o Political Issues
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• Job Postings
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• News (Articles On-Line: 7,960)
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• Web Links, more than 4,407, Added 119 New Links (Updated: 10/30/18)

If you have a submission for the memorial pages, E-Mail: Jim.Davis@veterans-for-change.org


FAA Tightens Drone Restrictions Near High-Security Navy Submarine Bases

The Federal Aviation Administration is warning amateur drone pilots that flying their aircraft near highly secure Navy submarine bases — or the vessels operating near them — is a no-go. The FAA issued new guidance Oct. 26 “to address concerns about potentially malicious drone operations over certain high-priority maritime operations.” For more details, see this Defensetech post.

Veterans Day
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This month’s featured song:

Goodbye To West Virginia

November’s featured song was written by Sgt George Jeffrey

This song was performed and produced by:

LT Bobby Ross

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Moving Wall at Gillette Stadium Nov 8 to NOV 12

Ladies and gentlemen, Good morning.  Hope all is well. The New England Patriots will have a replica of the Vietnam Memorial Wall displayed at one Patriot Place from NOV 8th to NOV 12th and are still looking for volunteers to stand watch. Folks can sign up at the link below: https://www.gillettestadium.com/2018-moving-wall-volunteers-needed/ Greatly appreciate all the […]