St. Pat’s Parade Stuff

Hi Rich,

Just want to thank you and Paul for showing up at the meeting last night. The information you provided was very informative and I am in the process of getting all the information from IRS. Also I have attached that letter I drafted so it can be distributed throughput the veterans community. Thanks again. Let me know when you want to meet with the folks to see if we can get a fly over.


Please contact myself or Marty Cushing if you would like to participate in this great event. You may put a float or vehicle in also. Rich

Hello,   good job of getting the information out early.  I would suggest that you find out the names and contact people for each Color Guard and call them personally.  When I was State Commander, 95/96, I had my Provost Marshal, Fred Prindle, give a personal call to the Color Guards.   It worked great.  A lot of times these emails do not reach those in charge.   The State Dept. has a listing of all those Color Guards that listed them selves as such.  Actually,  they would be listed in the appointment list on the Ma AMVETS web site.  A personal touch works wonders.  In the past I’ve had Color Guards actually say,  “I’m not marching, they didn’t send me an invite”.   I don’t agree with that but you can’t fix STUPID.  Have Leon put it on the Web and also have him put it on the calendar now and keep it on the calendar up to the parade.  Good luck.

Al,   Thank you for your input I am sending this to the Parade Org. Richie Reihle & Richie Sayres who you and Leon know very well from  their  time in the Amvets

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