Colonel Todd Jacobus, a Belmont Post 2008 AMVET

My great friend, Gregory,

A humble thank you for your kind words, and of course for your friendship. I met you in the Fall of 2009 at a white clover event at the grocery store in Bedford, where my family and I lived when I attended the Fletcher School at Tufts University. You were with a distinguished gentleman named John Dulgarian. I so much enjoyed talking with both of you that I decided to become a life member of AMVETS, and joined Post 2008.

You are a good man, an enthusiastic Veteran, and I very much appreciate you keeping me informed of the goings-on in Belmont & in one of my very favorite states, Massachusetts.

Todd M. Jacobus

Cell: (515) 240-0387
On Feb 10, 2018, at 2:59 PM, wrote:

With great pride and appreciation, I believe that all of us should congratulate a distinguished member of our Post and give thanks for having such a humble and hard working AMVET of BELMONT Post 2008 in our ranks. Todd is a good friend, a great officer, and a brave soldier.

Congratulations to Todd Jacobus as he will be inducted into the Hoover HS Hall of Fame on Tuesday, February 13.
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Besides raising money, the White Clover Drives will DRIVE in membership.

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