Fred Prindle

Hello everyone,  Just to let you know that I visited Fred today at his home.  He is doing well.  Still as feisty as ever.  Good old Fred. Past Commander of Post 208 2 or 3 times, bartender at the Post,  Past District Commander (actually Fred restarted Dist 5 after it being dormant for a few years and introduced them to the Bedford VA Hospital and the Bingo parties that the Vets there so dearly deserve).  He was the Department Provost Marsha, and a damn good one, during my term as Commander.  He is one of the type of  AMVETS that is hard to find now adays.  Always doing things for the AMVETS and not looking for recognition or a pat on the back.   He always said leave that for the “GOOD OLD BOYS”.

     With his wife Lynda (Past President of the Auxiliary of Post 208)  they got together and started the “HOME ALONE”  meals at the Post. Well that’s it concerning my old buddy who I have had, in the past,  a few beers with while shooting pool but most of all working for AMVETS. I Miss the “GOOD OLD DAYS”.  Know Fred or not, give him a call at 508 410 1654 he would enjoy a call now and then.
     Just for the hell of it,  take a look at your old address/phone number book.  You will see the names of those who were active and with age and some sickness have dropped out of site.  Give them a call and let them know they are not dropped out of your mind.  We just lost one of the best, Bob Reardon.  He is one that I wish I had called more than I did. There is no going back after the time is up.

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