Oral History Project

We are losing veteran members at an exceedingly fast pace; however, the good news is that our Department is growing with the increase of New Posts like Beverly, for instance. I have always been willing to take Oral Histories
of anyone who wishes to share them with me, to record them, and to give them, free of charge, a CD disc or other form of recording for their use and for their family’s use at any time. For some reason, members have been reluctant to support this program citing all sorts of excuses, none of which make much sense.  Memories are priceless, so before you write it off, let me know and I will accommodate. New Posts should take notice of this free serviced by volunteers who are willing even to set up a separate Post program so that a Post officer can run his own Oral History for members of his Post.
Gregory H. Arabian, Major, USAF HD
Volunteer, Federally funded Veterans Oral History Program
Commander, Belmont AMVETS Post 2008
1st Vice Commander, AMVETS District 5
22 Homer Road – Headquarters
Belmont, MA 02478
Commander’s Office:  617-744-6778
Combat Support Field Mobile:  617-797-2944
Commander’s Email: garabian@aol.com

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