Copy of 2018 rev

We have 347 rock solid revalidations where the hard copy form was sent in. If you use the online system to revalidate we still need a hard copy form. We have to go in to the online revalidations and remove the old officers. We do this when we get the hard copy with leaders signatures. The paper form follows the requirements of the CBLs and the leaders signatures are attesting to adherence to local requirements. When we process or check an online revalidation we put in 7/15/2018. When you do it online it captures the date you entered data. We still require a signed paper revalidation.


We are down to the wire we have;

14760 members with a 2017 expiration date

9748 member with a 2016 expiration date.

The 2016 members will be dropped at the end of August and will disappear from your rosters.


We sent emails to the 50% with emails and then we sent a card in the mail reminding all to renew their membership. The calls coming in are generally members not familiar with computers and the online payment systems. Many do not have emails. We appreciate their membership. Their numbers keep the politicians alert.


So check out the attached list. Some revalidations may be in the pipeline. Use your e-rosters to track your revalidated Posts. When you see the date flip to 7/15/2018 the post is revalidated.






Harry Neal

AMVETS National Membership Director


US Army Infantry

Eagle Card

Revalidations are due into  ational by July 15,2018

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