Commander’s Project: National Desert Storm War Memorial Request


In support of the AMVETS Commander’s Project – the National Desert Storm War Memorial association would like to humbly request that each Department and/or Post which has the opportunity to host games of chance (e.g. Queen of Hearts, Treasure Hunt, pull tabs, and/or bingo – just to name a few), please consider hosting a special game board/session with a percentage of proceeds going to the AMVETS Commander’s Project total for this year!

As previously reported, the National Desert Storm War Memorial has received definitive site approval and has been awarded the ‘23d & Constitution’ site in downtown Washington, D.C. This is the site that we, along with all the wonderful AMVETS supporters, have labored long and hard to obtain. It’s location in the general mall area and adjacent to the Vietnam Memorial will ensure that the newest memorial in D.C. will be one visited by millions each year.

The memorial’s current AND future success is greatly due to the dedication of you – our AMVETS brothers and sisters who have been there during the hearings, helping raise awareness, and have continued to show faith and support during these trying times in getting the site location secured. For that, we Thank You greatly.

Now that we have the site secured, we are looking to step-up our fundraising efforts and ask that each post – that can legally do so, of course – PLEASE consider making the Desert Storm War Memorial (Your Commander’s Project), the target recipient of your preferred game of chance.

Department Commanders: Please consider creating a challenge between to posts, seeing who can lead the way and which post can raise the most money via their efforts!!

Post Commanders: Please consider hosting a game on the memorial’s behalf in whichever manner makes the most sense for your post. Please help us make your Commander’s Project something special and ensure it wraps up with a true ‘bang’!

Please know that we are here to help – If you are willing and able to host a Queen of Hearts board, or another form of raffle/game, on the memorial’s behalf – please let us know and we will be proud to share that out via our social media links to help in bringing attention and appreciation to your post’s efforts. We are more than happy to share these efforts and bring attention to your hard work and assistance.

Thank you all so much for the support you’ve already shown and thank you for your consideration in this request.

On behalf of the National Desert Storm War Memorial association – Thank You!

Bob Adams

NDSWM Director of VSO Outreach

(618) 420-0120

Facebook: Desert Storm War Memorial


Memorial Site Awarded

Site Selection Completed
June 23, 2018                                                                         
Press Release 
The National Desert Storm War Memorial Association 
Washington D.C. 

On June 21, 2018, the Commission of Fine Arts approved a site for the National Desert Storm and Desert Shield War Memorial.  The site is located at 23rdStreet, NW & Constitution Avenue, NW in Washington D.C.

The decision by the Commission of Fine Arts is the final step in the 3.5-year Site Selection process.  The National Park Service and the National Capital Planning Commission recommended this same site earlier in 2018.

The enabling legislation was passed and signed into law by President Obama in December 2014.  In March 2017, President Trump signed it into law authorizing the memorial to be built in an Area-1 location, near the National Mall in Washington D.C.

The goal is to have the Memorial completed by 2021, the 30th Anniversary of Operation Desert Storm.  The estimated cost to build the Memorial is $25 million.  To date, $1.6 million has been raised.  Current law stipulates that 110% of the projected budget must be raised before ground-breaking can occur. No government funds will be used to build the Memorial.  100% of the cost to build the Memorial will come from private donations.   For further information, please see our website:

The Memorial will commemorate the historic significance of Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm as well as honor the service and the sacrifices of the U.S. and Coalition military personnel that liberated Kuwait, defended Saudi Arabia, and defeated a tyrant.

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Washington, D.C. 20017

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