Membership Committee

To Whom it May Concern:
Membership Committee Appointments:
    Wayne Anthony        Donald Isabelle        Charles Studebaker        Louis Floriani, Jr.        Keith Killam
                Edmund Veator        Phil Furtado        Charles Sancranti        Edward Wyzik
Everyone listed above is currently appointed to the membership committee.  I don’t have Ed Veator’s e-mail. I’m not sure he even has one.  So if anyone can forward this to him.  I would appreciated it.
I need to know if you still want to be appointed to the committee.  If you want to be taken off of the committee.  If so, please reply to this e-mail no later than Tuesday, July 10th.  This is so I can update the State Commander @ the staff meeting on Wednesday, July, 11th.
I’m sending Leon & Janice a copy, to see if anyone else would like to be on this committee.  I would like to have at least someone from every district on the committee.  State Commander Tom is getting an copy to keep him informed.
I would also like to have a membership meeting prior to the SEC in Haverhill.  This is only to update & to obtain some input to make membership even better.
Thank you for your consideration.
Caroline Kenyon
1st Vice Commander
AMVETS Dept. of MA

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