Internal Memo Regarding Our CareSource Partnership

Internal Memo to AMVETS Leaders, Staff, and Members Regarding the CareSource Partnership

Following the passage of the VA Mission Act last month, AMVETS followed through on its obligation to ensure greater accountability in the delivery of healthcare for veterans. We announced a new partnership with CareSource, a Ohio-based health plan manager. Together we will design, implement and evaluate a new healthcare framework involving both VA and community-provided care.

This is a massive undertaking of which we all should be proud and excited. This is AMVETS leading the way.

What will make this framework unique is the standard that will form its foundation: accessible, timely, veteran-centric, outcome-driven healthcare provided under the close and active purview of veterans and veteran advocates. Once developed, the new system will give a voice to the people most affected by healthcare.

As we anxiously await the implementation of the VA Mission Act, AMVETS, through the HEAL Program, will work with CareSource on the details of a pilot project to incorporate lessons learned, as well as any thoughts, ideas, and feedback any of you may have on what an “ideal” healthcare model would look like.

While achieving perfection will always be aspirational, at best, our goal is to design a model that works consistently and can be expanded and replicated throughout the country, both within the VA and out in the community sector.

We know this project will draw great interest from media, the government, and the veteran community as a whole. But we want to ensure our most important stakeholders — all of you — are fully informed and involved. Please free to forward this on to your fellow members throughout the AMVETS family.

More details about the partnership and related activities will be released to all of you as they evolve. Meanwhile, please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have as we look forward to helping veterans live longer, healthier lives through this effort.

Should anyone receive questions regarding the partnership from outside the organization, please refer them to my office.

Thank you,


Joe Chenelly

AMVETS National Executive Director

Mobile: (410) 357-1123

Twitter: @jchenelly

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