NOVEMBER 2018 Amvets Post 51 Upcoming Events

Fellow Members

Goodby October and hello November, Its time to replace your batteries in your smoke detectors and carbon dioxide detectors ,get your antifreeze checked,  and get your dues paid up! We are reaching out to all our members who have not paid their 2018-2019 do so, Our goal at post 51 is to get our 100% paid up members. pin so please send in your dues if you are paid up we thank you.New Amvets ID’s Are in your ID will not be sent to you if your dues are not currant. Your Id enables you to get discounts for veterans at many establishments such as the Texas road house gives veterans a 30% discount  of your meal  order. Also from 11/8-11/25th The Job Lot is giving a 25% discount on any item in their store to honor us veterans. So get those dues paid and get recognized for your service.  Also Home Depot offers 10% of your total purchase,Advance auto and Auto Zone offer 10% off you total purchase price. Ace Hardware also offers a discount Remember to always ask retailers if they offer discounts to vet’s you’ll be surprised how many retailers give discount to Veterans. So get your dues paid up and take advantage of theses offers,.
The following bands for November are:Playing at our Post:
11/3   The Eastwoods
11/9    DJ Armand
11/10  Per-Diem
11/16  Idle Rumors
11/17  TBA
And every wednesday is Karaoke  night with DJ Butch. so bring your list of songs you love and sing your heart out! Butch does a great job and has the state of the art equipment. When ever we have a off-station party for out disabled vets Butch donates his time to entertain our vet’s with is please throw a few bucks in his tip jar.
November 7th is our first meeting of the month @ 7:00 Pm.We welcome all members to our meeting, each member who comes to the meeting gets a free drink after the meeting.
November 11th Veterans Day Breakfast at the randolph Elks club. Tickets are $10.00 there are only 200 tickets this will be a sold out event so get your tickets asap so you won’t be lifted out. Tickets are $10.00 and are  being sold at the Community center at the veterans agents office.   Our Honor guard  will participate in a shot parade.From St. Mary’s church to the library.  Our guest of honor will be  Astronaut Scott Tingle who comes from Randolph. Many thanks to Gerry Gill and the veterans council who has been working with  NASA   for months and made this Veterans Day event possible. This event will be the biggest event Randolph has had in years. It will be covered by the media and will get a lot off exposure.
November 12th District 6 meeting @ 7:00 Pm
November 9th & 10th – clover drive 8:30 Am -3:30 Pm  at Shaws in Randolph, Also a clover drive will be held on November 9th at St Mary’s Fall Bazaar from 8:30-3:30 the proceeds will be donated  to  the Pearl Harbor re-build the bridge event. we could use some volunteers to help out. This is how we can help our vets by having the Ice Cream  and cake event every month at building 2 Brockton Va Campus and our pizza night at the project reach building 62 at the Brockton Va campus..
November 17th Post 51 Meeting 7:00 Pm
November 25th Pearl Harbor Day Breakfast at our post tickets are  $10.00 at the bar. Also we are looking for donations to rebuild the bridge at the Pearl Harbor memorial in Hawaii. I want to thank Bob Devine a member of District 6 who donated $50.00 for this cause.And also want to thank Billy O’Connell our  past commander, for working so hard to put this event together. At the breakfast a flag will be raffled off that flew over the war ship Arizona . Pearl harbor pearl pins will be available also. A 50/50 raffle will be held and the monies from this event will be donated to help the the Pearl Harbor Bridge  re-build project.
November 25 is also the ladies Auxiliary Meat raffle @ 2:00 Pm their will also  be horse racing at this event, All proceeds will help the Ladies Auxiliary and all the help they do for our veterans.
Well that’s it for now  I wish all of you and all of  our veterans a Happy and safe Thanksgiving .
Frankie Pr Office Post 51

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