VAVS Representative and Deputy Representative Responsibilities

VAVS Reps & Deps

At the VAVS meeting the other morning the attached explanation of the duties of Representatives and their Deputies of our VA Hospitals was passed out to those of us attending. I thought it would be interesting to some of you.

     On another note, a month or so ago the Bedford VA sent out a questionnaire asking Reps and Deps to vote to keep the VAVS meetings as they currently are, half held at 10am in the morning and the other half for the remainder of the year at 7pm.  The other way to vote would have all the meetings at 10am for the whole year.    The majority voted for all meetings to be held at 10am.   I voted for keeping it the way it is now, half morning and half evening.  Those who work would have a chance to attend at least half of the meetings.  I don’t like the results but will have to live with it.
     The National Salute will be on Feb. 14th, Valentine’s Day.  This is when we deliver Valentines to the residents.  As reported before, I get them homemade from the Elementary School in Hudson.
     As last year, when Arty Marchetta was third Vice,  our present Third Vice was in attendance.  Doing their job the right way!  Thanks Arty and Wayne Anthony.  Also in attendance was the Ladies Auxiliary Rep, Georgia Gadbois.   Rep Dick Burnell, and Deputies Walter Spencer and Steve Arsenault were excused.

Al  Temple

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