Are you up for a challenge?

It’s time to register for a Polar Plunge!
You might have seen emails or social media posts about our “cool” 11/7 Are You In promotion where we gave away Plunge prize packages to anyone who registered on Wednesday.
11/7 may be over, but you haven’t missed your chance to win some prizes!
If you register today and are one of the top 10 fundraisers between today and November 16th, you will win an insulated Polar Plunge water bottle!
So let’s review:
  1. Register for a 2018-19 Polar Plunge today
  2. Tell all your friends about the Plunge and ask them to donate
  3. Be among the top 10 fundraisers over the next week
  4. Brag to your friends about how cool your new water bottle is (And thank them for donating!)
We want you to be as successful as possible with your fundraising efforts! Take a look at our Fundraising Toolkit site for fundraising ideas, tips and resources.
Register for a Polar Plunge below and start fundraising!
Tabor Academy – December 9, 2018
Marlborough Polar Plunge – February 16, 2019
Sharon Polar Plunge – March 2, 2019
Revere Polar Plunge – March 2, 2019
Attleboro Polar Plunge – March 16, 2019
Littleton Polar Plunge – April, 2019
Also, make sure you find your Polar Plunge event on Facebook and RSVP here.
Visit to learn more
On social media, use the hashtag #FreezinForAReason to tell people you’re taking the plunge for Special Olympics Massachusetts!

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