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Take a look at our numbers and see where you stand. The Dept renewals are on page 8 and 9 of the attached report. At the end of December, we were at 61%. If you are in the red contact your members. We need to have everyone renewed by 15 July. That is when we begin the invoicing and card printing process. We only invoice and produce cards for members that are current 2019 members. If they renew their 2018 membership on July 16 they missed the card printing and they missed invoicing.

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Danny Bauer is the first winner of this year’s recruit 5 member drive. Danny will receive a laptop and will be entered in the grand prize drawing, a week vacation for 2 at the Carlsbad Beach Resort (see attachment).

Danny served in the Army working in mobile communications relay in Europe. Danny is a 7-year Life member of AMVETS. His Post, WI-35 in Watertown Wisconsin, was chartered 9/2/1947.


Keep up the good work Danny!


What should we do for Flag Day June 14th?

  1. Department Leaders find out where your state or local Flag Day parade is and join the parade, if none scheduled, start a parade.
  2. Posts leaders, call your local town council and ask what they do for Flag Day. If nothing, suggest an AMVETS parade and event.
  3. Set up flag retirement collection boxes for worn flags in your town. Inform the media, local government and the community of your retirement flag collection boxes, and why it is important to properly retire your worn U.S. Flag. 

Setup with local Boy Scouts to properly retire the flags, per U.S. law.

  1. Give a framed AMVETS Flag Award certificate to a business, individual, or government entity correctly flying a U.S. Flag.

See the attachment its in word and you can change it.

  1. Leave an AMVETS Flag appreciation letter at the house of an individual flying a flag at their home, also leave a membership brochure.
  2. Contact local schools and volunteer to have Post members give a free school assembly with the students to teach them correct Flag etiquette, rules, laws and history of our U.S. Flag.
  3. Your local cemetery may put small wooden flags on graves on Memorial Day. Insure they are retired properly.

Installing U.S. Flag retirement boxes and learning about AMVETS and U.S. Flag etiquette is a great Eagle Scout Project.


=====================================================================================================================================================================AMVETS Honor Guards Contact Programs to set yours up.
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AMVETS Campaign for aid to War orphans (1950)

We made an impression on Pamela. She called and sent this news clipping from 1954. She was standing on Ikes Desk giving him a sheet of our orphan’s stamps. She is in good health and is seeking information on her father. She believes he was a casualty of the Korean War.

It says; Support the AMVETS WE Remember Campaign for aid to War orphans.


A word from the VA. Pass it along to veterans using the GI Bill.

Education Service will host webinars on January 16, 23, and 30 starting at 1:00 pm (EST) for Veterans and their dependents using the Post-9/11 GI Bill.  We ask that you forward this announcement to your Veteran members and other partners to help spread the word about the upcoming webinars.

The webinars will provide information on the GI Bill, MHA rate changes, related legislation, and processes.  To participate in a Forever GI Bill Veteran focused webinar, please use the dial-in information provided below:

Join the webinar – https://vbatraining.adobeconnect.com/vets_colmery/
Audio Information: 1-800-767-1750, Code: 28503#

Test your connection if you have never attended an Adobe Connect meeting and get a quick overview by clicking the link below: –  https://www.benefits.va.gov/GIBILL/resources/education_resources/school_certifying_officials/presentations.asp


Education Service

What is Fred wondering About?

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On your next report, could you tell us the process on how “new annual members” receive a membership card. Here’s how it works, when a member joins online (MAL) they receive an immediate email with a temporary card. They can print it and cutout the card. When they join through a Post the applications have a temporary card. At the end of each month I query the database for new members. Two weeks ago, on 1 January I pulled all the new December joins. We had 800 new joins in December. Half of them get a welcome email the day I pull the list. We are still only capturing ½ emails. This email thanks the member for joining and lets them know a card will arrive in 2 weeks. It also has FAQs and the 1944 Colliers article attached. We then send this list to a vender. He prints the name and expiration date on the card and then mails the card and a Commanders welcome letter to the new member. It usually takes a week to get everything prepared and mailed. The card should be to the member by the 15th of the next month. If someone joins on 1 January it would take around 45 days to get the card. If someone joins on 31 January they get their card in about 2 weeks. One of the benefits of receiving a card and a letter within the first month is, it is a form of member engagement. We need to communicate as often as we can with our members; it generates a feeling of belonging.

  1. First engagement: Post recruits a member or internet recruits (MAL)
  2. Second Engagement: Email welcoming the member with temp cutout card on the same day they are entered in the database.
  3. Third engagement: Membership Card arrives in the mail with the commander’s welcome letter.
  4. Fourth engagement: members email is provided to communications to be included in our bi-weekly AMVETS Update. ½ of our members don’t get the update.

The tempo of engagement is maintained by announcements of Post meetings and Department events. Phone calls, newsletters and emails keep members in the loop. Get members involved through your Post and Dept Facebook pages.

When a member transfers into another post, will national issue a replacement membership card with the new post number? New cards are not printed for transfers. After the transfer occurs members should log in and go to my shopping cart and order a card. They are $5.

When a post enters a new e-mail for member, when is this updated? Most online transactions are updated at 11 pm.  The new information will show on your post e-roster the next day.

What is my shopping cart. All members can login and purchase items in my shopping cart. Gold cards, replacement plastic cards, challenge coins and brochures are currently offered.

How does a post utilize “upcoming event” on National Membership? Our events tab is on our web site. The internal database events is not used.

How much money does each State dept receive from each MAL member?

MAL Dues are set at 30. HQ get 15 and the Dept gets 15

How does a Post report a deceased member?

Posts leaders can log in and go to Post/Dept member and check the deceased box.

How does a member receive a replacement membership card?

Members can login and order a replacement card in my shopping cart $5

My neighbor has an old car in his driveway what should I do?

Tell him to call 877-999-8322 and donate it to AMVETS

My Post smells like a stable I cant breathe.

Call Warren at 301-683-4024 and switch to Juul vapes and collect $5k

When will the new Membership Directories arrive?

AMVETS Directories are scheduled to ship to members at the end of February for a March receipt.

Should your office receive any questions or concerns, please have them contact 1-800-982-1590, or by email atcustomerservice@publishingconcepts.com.

The dock to the Arizona Memorial is underwater what should we do?

Call Anita at 301-683-4003 and donate to the commanders project. He is fixing it!

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Thanks for all you do to help veterans.

Harry Neal

AMVETS National Membership Director   


US Army Infantry

Eagle Card


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