VA’s benefits appeals process will see a dramatic changeover next month

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Veterans and Retirement Report   VA’s benefits appeals process will see a dramatic changeover next month  A new process for all appeals of veterans’ benefits cases will go into effect on Feb. 19.  Read Story  
Advertisement  Civilian Life 101: Here’s what you need to know before you take off that uniform
When you arrive at a new duty station in the military, you can often find information on housing, healthcare and your child’s new school all under one roof. When you’re a civilian … not so much.
   Vet groups plead: ‘If you say you support veterans, then you need to support ending the shutdown’
Tens of thousands of veterans are among the government workers not receiving paychecks while the three-week-old shutdown continues.
   Unclaimed veterans buried with dignity, thanks to strangers
When the flags were removed from the caskets and folded with military precision, there were no family members there to receive them.
 Advertisement  Trump recently signed two veterans bills into law. Here’s how they’ll affect you.
On its way out the door, the 115th Congress passed a pair of bills aimed at improving education and other aspects of the transition from military to civilian life. Now that President Trump’s signature has made them law, here’s what they mean for veterans and military families.
   Prosecutors: Military widow collected federal benefits for fake son
A military widow has been sentenced to 14 months in prison for falsely claiming to have a son so she could collect more than $100,000 in veterans and Social Security benefits, federal prosecutors say.
   New House Armed Services committee sees an influx of veterans, women
The committee will have 18 new members this year, a significant turnover in who is crafting the nation’s military policy.
   Marine vet who asked for donations to send Marine families to Disney resorts pocketed money, feds say 
According to feds, Simpson raised about $481,000 but pocketed nearly $391,000.
   Air Force legend, Medal of Honor recipient, Joe Jackson dies at 95
Retired Col. Joe Jackson was famous within the aviation community for his daring rescue of a team of Air Force combat controllers who were stranded at the besieged airfield of an abandoned Army Special Forces camp during the Tet Offensive.
   Supreme Court rejects appeal from veterans in burn pit lawsuit against KBR, Halliburton
The ruling means that private companies involved in burn pit operations will likely not face punishment for their role.
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