Draft Flyer for me at 2019 KY Elections

Charles Kissel (CA) – 2019 Running for the NSF/AMVETS Charities, Inc. Boards I joined AMVTS in 2000, and started by participating and creating of programs. I am now a member of the boards for the National Service Foundation (“NSF”) and AMVETS Charities, Inc. I have served AMVETS by focusing on the governance methods and their development used to assist AMVETS organizations with their activities. My experience on how AMVETS operates, was gained by being the Dept. of California’s JA, a special liaison for my Dept. and its Service Foundation, the executive directors for the California Service Foundation, the California Charities organization, and the Interim Executive Director for the NSF and the AMVETS Charities, Inc. I currently serve on the Special Committee working with the National Finance Committee on the Restructuring Effort. The main governance focus entails the experience, knowledge, and the execution of several special assignments in both issues involving the clean-up after the fact of irregularities, and the establishment of several new methods and organizations that are still in force today. A firm basis of the hierarchy of our regulations, from the federal level (e.g., Charter, IRS), the state levels (e.g., starting with DC and now MD codes), and the organization level (e.g., Articles of Incorporation, C&BL’s, and P&P’s, SOP’s). These endeavors were achieved by working closely with the leadership and the outside legal advisors on the above projects, which also involved many judicial proceedings both internal and civil. My experience in some specialized operations of AMVETS includes (1) modernizing the bylaws for both companies, the creation of an HR manual and a finance manual, (2) visiting, and upgrading of the AMVETS owned thrift stores in NY and TN with POS, security and SOP’s, (3) the managing and attending training of the services officers in CA and the NSF, (4) managing and revamping the carillon operation through the principal manufacturer Campbellsville for AMVETS Charities, Inc. and interacting with the National Battlefield Monuments Group, (5) as the executive directors for CA and NSF operations, I became very immersed in their routine, specialized operations and interactions (service officers, financials including auditing and development, HR, contracts, wills and trusts, etc.), and now with the restructuring process. The proposed Restructuring at Lanham was first proposed by a White Paper, which I was deeply involved in its creation. The Restructuring is not yet designed and in place. Credible Restructuring can be achieved and be done with the care of observing the regulations. I am heavily involved in all of the above, and the work is not done yet, so for these reasons, consider me for the NSF Board.

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