February 2019 Executive Report


February 2019 Executive Repot (FOUO)

The Numbers

We have 30,000 members that have not renewed. 16,874 members with a 2018 expiration date and 13,263 members with a 2017 expiration date. National is emailing the 15,000 with emails. We will be emailing them around the 15th of each month until May. We will then send a final renewal notice. Posts and Departments should concentrate their efforts on calling the members without emails. If you need help printing a simple call list call me while you are at a computer. Take a look at the 35 Posts not revalidated. Can we save them? As soon as the stats for January arrive I will send them.


Cherissa Jackson

AMVETS new Leader of the Heal Team!

Cherissa Jackson is a retired Air Force Nurse who completed 23 years of military service and survived 4 deployments, 3 were in combat.  Cherissa is AMVETS Chief Medical Executive of the HEAL Program and advocates for women veterans.  Cherissa has been advocating for Veterans since her retirement in 2013 as she dedicated herself to overcoming and changing the stigma of PTS for our service members.  She believes that there are many faces to PTS and we are all strong, courageous warriors and not weak and hopeless.  Cherissa has written a best-selling book called “At Peace Not in Pieces, Powering through our pain” to showcase key principles to overcoming PTS.  She has been featured in “Prevention Magazine”, “Forbes”, “The New Yorker” to name a few.  She is a motivational speaker and has been a key note speaker across the country.  Charissa can be reached at cjackson@amvet.org

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Heal Strategic Plan

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AMVETS new Legislative Associate

Tom Himes joined in a longstanding family tradition of military service when he shipped off for basic training in the weeks before Sept. 11, 2001. Within a couple years, his naval service brought him to the Middle East aboard the USS McFaul (DDG 74). As a small boat engineer, he accompanied SEAL Team 4 on search and seizure operations. He was also among those dispatched to shore up security in the aftermath of an attack on Iraq’s oil terminals.

Himes left the Navy intent on serving his country and helping fellow veterans through a career in journalism. After obtaining a bachelor’s degree from the University of Pennsylvania, he became an investigative reporter for newspapers in Los Angeles and Florida. As waves of veterans returned home from the wars abroad, he wrote reports that drew attention to their struggles.  His work exposing government corruption and injustice, meanwhile, earned journalism awards and community recognition. It also prompted Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism to offer him a fellowship that funded his graduate studies. Himes obtained a master’s degree, producing a documentary on combat veterans with less-than-honorable discharges, and continued to work as an investigative journalist. His reporting appeared on “NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt” and the international broadcast program, “People and Power.” After rising to the upper echelons of journalism, however, Himes wanted to get back to helping veterans. 

Himes secured a fellowship in the office of Congresswoman Ann McLane Kuster. In this position, he advised the congresswoman on issues pertaining to veterans and members of the military. He also contributed to her oversight work for the House Committee on Veterans Affairs by investigating problems within the Department of Veterans Affairs. Additionally, he spearheaded legislation that is designed to expand healthcare for veterans in rural areas and, separately, curb military sexual assault. Last, but not least, he became a lover of cats after adopting a kitten he found underneath his car.

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8 that can’t wait!

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Don’t mess with the  TAXMAN

Who is filing your post 990?

Your ein is on file with the IRS you can check it at EOBMF  (Exempt organization Business Master File) If you are on this list you are recognized as a nonprofit. If you can’t find your ein on the list give me a call.

Filing Your 990

Veterans Can Sign Up to Shop Online at AAFES

The first thing honorably discharged veterans must do to register is to establish AAFES shopping eligibility via VetVerify.org. Applicants are required to submit verification of their military service, but it’s a very simple process. You’ll be asked to provide your full name, last four digits of your Social Security Number, date of birth, and a contact email.

Successful applicants are taken to a “Thank You!” page which includes notification of when veterans can start using this benefit.

We hover around 5% women veterans. We can do better.


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AMVETS Women Veterans

Nancy Hano is a Life member of Alexandria Louisiana AMVETS Post 7. She has the distinction of being the first women in the Louisiana National Guard promoted to the highest enlisted rank, Command Sergeant Major.

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