Watch out for fake DoD websites like this

 A member of a Cyber Protection Team participates in the Air Force’s Exercise Black Demon, designed to validate his ability to protect and defend specific critical missions or assests. (Airman 1st Class Daniel Garcia/Air Force)By: Kyle Rempfer    19 hours ago

Marine Corps Forces Cyberspace Command identified a website posing as the Department of Defense Transition Assistance Program this week.

Upon visiting the phony URL address, the site asks for a visitor’s personal identification information and attempts to download malicious software onto the visitor’s personal computer.

The warning was shared Tuesday by Air Forces Cyber on Facebook. The correct URL for the Transition Assistance Program is

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The fake website used the appropriate acronyms but ended in the .com domain name, which brings users to commercial web addresses.

New online scams target soldiers, Army warns
New online scams target soldiers, Army warns

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The .mil and .gov domain names, though, are used for most DoD websites. Exceptions to the rule include recruitment websites, such as up for our Rebootcamp Newsletter
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To protect your home computer, active duty military and civilian employees are encouraged by the DoD to download anti-virus software through the Defense Information Systems Agency using their Common Access Cards.

More information on cyber security best practices can be found on the Air Forces Cyber resources webpage.

The Department of Homeland Security also provides a list of publications for securing home computers and understanding emerging threats in the cyber domain.

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