Refund Report and EIN list

The refund report for March is attached. In march we had 815 total new joins and conversions. 703 were annual members with a median age of 56, there were 86 Life members also with a median age of 56. The 82 Women veterans that joined in March had a lower median age of 48.

Also attached is a list of all the Posts with EINs and points of contact. Review and submit changes to

Be familiar with the latest IRS tool on the web. It is the exempt organization business master file (EOBMF). It lists all the nonprofits by state. You can search your ein using the excel search function. All of our EINs should be on the list. If yours is not give me a call. Remember to take out the dash since the IRS table does not have a dash in it. Here is the link.


Harry Neal

AMVETS National Membership Director   


US Army Infantry
Eagle Card


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