The Military Compensation and Retirement Modernization Commission

The Military Compensation and Retirement Modernization Commission is up and running…. And they need to hear from You

TREA has been concerned, involved, and writing about the new Military Compensation and Retirement Modernization Commission job to examine all “policies and practices of the Federal Government that result in any direct payment of authorized or appropriated funds to current and former members of the Uniformed Services” Last year’s NDAA ordered the creation of the Commission, gave them that huge job and gave them only until March 2014 to complete their report and proposed legislation!!


The Commissioners were appointed on June 19. They have stood up quickly and are holding public hearings in the Washington area in November (TREA’s Washington staff met with 2 of the Commissioners in August TREA participated in a meeting with the Commission staff 2 weeks ago and is invited to testify before the Commission on November 13th.)


Again, this is a very important Commission. Their tasking includes active duty and Guard and Reserve pay and benefits, the Uniformed Services’ retirement program, all Quality of Life/ MWR programs; DoD Health Care and VA programs. And although we are being told that all present retirees and present service members will be grandfathered and not be affected by any changes; their recommendations could have huge effects on you, your families and survivors (after all increased TRICARE costs are affecting all beneficiaries.)The proposals will also certainly affect the future defense of our Nation. And during this time of extremely tight federal budgets, sequestration and the wind down of 10+ years of war the Commission will be urged by some to make very unwise cuts and changes.


So it is important that your opinions are heard.


The Commission has set up its website with a place for YOU, for anyone who is concerned, to comment on this crucial issue. You can go to their website at: This is a real opportunity. They want to hear from you; they need to know about your experiences and hear your expertise. As we hear what changes they are considering we will let you know and you can give them your thoughts.


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