SEC Minutes 9_17-17

SEC Attendance Roster 17 Sept 2017 Rev 1

SEC Agenda 17 Sept 2017

SEC Minutes 17 Sept 2017


Greetings Fellow AMVETS,

The SEC meeting was held on Sunday, 17 September at Post 74 Three Rivers.  Attendance remains up from 17% in 2016 to 30% in 2017.

On behalf of Commander Dean Thayer and the Dept Officers I would like to personally thank each of you for your continued and

valued attendance.

All of your newly elected Officers wish to solicit each of you to share your ideas on recommendations, improvements, and  thoughts

on the future success of our great AMVETS organization.

A SEC meeting is an ideal platform to both be heard and to accomplish such an important task.  There are only “five” 2 hour meetings held

in a calendar year.  Please try to encourage other Posts in your District to send at least one person to represent  them and to communicate

their Post contributions so it can be heard by all members.  Let’s work together to have everyone put their Post on the Map in 2017!

See Attached Documents:

v  SEC Agenda 17 Sept 2017

v  SEC Minutes 17 Sept 2017

v  SEC Attendance Roster

Yours in AMVETS Always/

Stephen J. Garner